January 2023
Clubhouse Rules & Regulations

  • Clubhouse Address:
    Meadowlake Clubhouse
    217 Coachside Drive
    Washington, PA 15301

PPlease contact Donna Sinozich at 724-554-1066 or mdsinozich@aol.com

    1. Monthly assessment charges must be current prior to a resident's reservation being approved by the Clubhouse Coordinator.
    2. All persons when attending any function being held at the clubhouse shall conduct themselves in a manner so that their actions will not be offensive to others. Shouting, use of obscene and vulgar language, and unreasonable or boisterous conduct are not permitted. The smoking of marijuana or use of any type of drugs is not permitted. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES SHALL BE SERVED OR CONSUMED BY MINORS and no adult shall be charged any monetary fee as a quid pro quo to consume alcohol. Further, it is agreed to indemnity and hold harmless the Meadowlake Association and its individual Board members from any and all loss, suits, damage, costs, claims, demands, and expenses whatsoever (including attorney's fees) which the Meadowlake Association and/or its individual Members may hereafter suffer, incur, be put to or pay by reason of the consumption or availability of alcohol by or to any person a the Community Building during the date and hours of use stated above. It is also understood that no alcoholic beverages are permitted outside of the building or around the swimming pool area.
    3. If the clubhouse is being reserved for use by a minor, the resident who made the reservation shall be responsible for the supervision of all those attending.
    4. No pets of any kind are permitted in the Clubhouse or on the grounds contained therein at any time.
    5. Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.
    6. Residents shall not leave ANY personal items in the clubhouse for storage.
    7. Entertainment is to be limited to the use of radios and/or stereos which shall be played at a level in order that the noise does not disturb residents living in close proximity to the Clubhouse area. LIVE BANDS (without amps) ARE PERMITTED UNTIL 10 PM. North Strabane Township Police are required to enforce the 10:00 PM noise restriction ordinance.
    8. NO SMOKING permitted in the clubhouse.
    9. The $60.00 security deposit must be made to the Clubhouse Coordinator by the unit owner, or where applicable by the no-owner occupant of a unit, within seven (7) days of the scheduled booking of the Clubhouse; otherwise automatic cancellation will occur.
    10. Notice of cancellation by the resident must be given with three (3) days of the requested date, or a $10.00 charge will be deducted from the security deposit.
    11. Large parties twenty (20) or more restricted to Clubhouse only. No pool privileges. Small parties twenty (20) or less have non-exclusive pool privileges. Party food and beverage tables are NOT PERMITTED poolside.
    12. Each unit owner shall be responsible for any damage caused to the clubhouse or its content by the said owner or any of the owner's family, tenants, or guests. The unit owner shall pay for such damages.
    13. The North Strabane Township Fire Department restricts the occupancy load for the social area of the Clubhouse to seventy (70) people.
    1. The Clubhouse Coordinator handles all reservations, inspections, etc. for the clubhouse. Please contact Donna Sinozich at 724-554-1066. Only Meadowlake residents may reserve the clubhouse.
    2. The amount of security deposit to be paid by the resident wishing to reserve the Clubhouse shall be $120.00. The resident will be required to make out two (2) checks payable to Meadowlake Homeowner's Association in the amount of $60.00 and $60.00 to be returned as stated herein: The $50.00 check will be deposited in the Meadowlake general account immediately upon receipt. An Association checks for $60.00 security deposit will be returned after a positive inspection of the clubhouse has been completed.
      1. a. If the clubhouse or the property contained therein was determined to have been damaged as a result of the last prior use of the clubhouse by the requested resident, then the Association may determine that the amount of the security deposit be increased accordingly.
    3. The resident reserving the Clubhouse, and where applicable the owner of the unit in which the requesting resides, acknowledge that the activity to the conducted in the Clubhouse is for the resident's own purposes and benefit and is in no way to be considered or advertised as an Association sponsored activity without the express written consent of the Association. The Clubhouse is to be used only by Meadowlake residents with non-residents attending the various functions as "guests". The clubhouse is not to be rented to non- resident persons or groups for profit. A RESIDENT WHO RENTS THE CLUBHOUSE FOR A NON-RESIDENT'S USE WILL FORFEIT THE $60.00 SECURITY DEPOSIT.
    4. The security deposit will be refunded only upon the conclusion of the use of the clubhouse and the activities conducted therein, and the Association's determination that no damage of any kind or from any source whatsoever has occurred to the Clubhouse of the property located therein as a result of the use of the clubhouse. The Association shall apply the security deposit to repair any such damage or replace any such property, and refund that amount of the security deposit, if any, not required by the Association to make such necessary repairs or replacements. The clubhouse Coordinator mails a copy of the clubhouse form to the Meadowlake Accounting Services authorizing it to prepare the refund check made payable to the resident who made the reservation.
    5. All residents reserving the Clubhouse shall reimburse the Association for all damages to the clubhouse or the property located therein which occurred as a result of the use of the clubhouse, if such damages exceed the security deposit required set forth herein.
      1. Removal of all beverages and food from the Clubhouse before locking up.
      2. Removing all trash, garbage and other debris from the clubhouse and the grounds contained therein before locking up.
      3. Turning out all lights in the clubhouse after securing building and making sure that all doors are locked, including the sliding glass doors.
      4. All chairs and tables must be wiped clean and returned to the storage racks.
      5. Cleaning of the kitchen sink, refrigerator, sink bowls, toilets, counter tops, etc.
      6. All party decorations and accessories (tables, chairs, etc.) must be inside the clubhouse and removed after the party.
      7. Vacuuming of the carpet - cleaning of all tile floors.
      8. Clubhouse must be in same condition prior to use by the requesting resident.
    1. Completes pre-inspection and post-inspection Clubhouse Checklist with Coordinator and Resident signing in applicable signature caption.
    2. Attaches Checklist Form to Request Form.
    3. Forwards checks from resident made payable to Meadowlake Homeowners Association to accounting services: E.M. Malone, P.O. Box 520, Meadowlands, PA 15347.
    4. Upon completion of Post Inspection Form and return of Clubhouse entrance key & fob, Coordinator records on Request Form amount of security refund to be paid after reviewing with Business Manager if any damage replacements costs are involved.
    5. Forwards Request Form to E.M. Malone Accounting Services for processing of security check.
    6. Files Request for Clubhouse Usage and Checklist in file.

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